Turnkey solutions

Turnkey on roof, field and domestic PV projects. Contact us for more information.


We offer tailor made training programs in different areas of photovoltaic, such as dimensioning; project elaboration and project supervision.

Dimensioning and Project

Our engineering department is fully prepared to elaborate professional simulations and projects for all types of PV installations on an international level.

All types of photovoltaic systems show the following benefits :

Photovoltaic systems are one of the most popular and reliable renewable energy technologies. There is an increase in society energy needs in recent years, which requires an immediate response on one side and on the other – the natural resources of our planet are limited and the use of environmentally friendly technologies for production of electricity is of vital importance.

The function of a photovoltaic system is based on light emitted by an infinite energy source – the Sun.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Constructed from ecological materials
  • Noiseless energy production
  • Production warranty of 30 years
  • Reliable solution
  • Extending possibility according to the area
  • Stored energy production
  • Minimum maintenance

Services :

  • Turnkey on roof, field and domestic PV projects
  • Investment evaluation and planning
  • Performance simulation system by qualified staff
  • Design and planning of any kind of PV systems
  • PV modules, inverters, cables, mounts and other components for all PV systems
  • Service and maintenance of PV systems

Contemporary technology and experience can be used for production of renewable energy sources. Our objective is to reduce CO2 produced from coal, gas and petrol which are traditional fuel sources for electricity. Alternative of the above can be the solar energy which is a limitless source and protects the environment.